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Oct. 28th, 2007

just die [and go to hell plskthx]

{eat drink man woman}

Morning after the Festival, I find myself in a foreign bed, hotel from the looks of it and with a massive hangover. Not only that, but I have absolutely no shred of clothing left on me, save for the hair trinkets that were placed in there in the beginning of the night.

If Konoha doesn't want to experience a village-wide man-hunt for the peron who's responsible for this, I suggest anyone who has information to speak. NOW.

Sep. 16th, 2007

worried [about nothing]

{we are the waiting}

It's been decided that Suna will go to Konoha for the upcoming festival for the Daiymo.

Apparently instead of sending one of us, the council's decided on all three of us to be sent. I'm not sure of Gaara's opinion of this, nor Kankurou, but I'm all for leaving for another trip away from Suna. I haven't seen either of them. Lately, the council's been breathing down my neck on issues that I don't think it's any of their business.

With that, last bundle of paperwork tonight. Anyone sending me more will be ignored and be paid a personal visit by me in the morning.

Gents, your asses are on the line, don't do anything stupid.

Private to KankurouCollapse )

Aug. 30th, 2007

take a breath [and let it go]

{unpleasant homecoming}

The minute I come back, the new medic kunoichis in B-wing are complaining to me.  

Seems like I just missed another house call from Konoha. 

And apparently one of our own Suna nins didn't follow protocol, that mindless lump of LARD.  I've got the medic-nins complaining to me just because I'm his sister, which doesn't really make any sense at all.  WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU COME BACK HERE AND CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT.

Gaara, I'd like to have an update on what the hell is, or was, going on when you have the time.  I don't particularly like it that when I come back from a meeting in the Mist, there are girls coming to me from left to right  and all I'm coming up with is a blank.

But first: I'd like a goddamn rest. 
its me [hello]

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